Meet Nancy

Nancy Chin-Wagner, LLC is a training and consulting firm located in Boulder, Colorado. Founder and networking guru Nancy Chin-Wagner empowers people to network with confidence and move beyond communication to true connection, leveraging their personal contacts to attain personal and professional success. The firm also works with entrepreneurs, small and medium sized business professionals who are shy, introverted, and/or feeling awkward in networking situations. Her passion is helping the creative shy, and introverted person build their confidence and help them build their strengths to be successful networkers in business.

Seeing the struggles that so many individuals and organizations face in building authentic bonds and collaborating effectively to achieve goals, Nancy launched her firm so that she could share her gifts with the world.

In the course of becoming a leader in the community and expanding her personal network, Nancy Chin-Wagner realized the immense power of her connections in advancing causes, careers and relationships. She also noticed that people were naturally coming to her to act as an organizer, ambassador and referrer.

In Nancy’s corporate life, she was employed with Alliance Capital Management and was Operations Manager for Trigon Investments. Most recently, she is on the board of Boulder County CareConnect (BCCC), a Rotarian with Boulder Rotarian Club (BRC) -Roots,  was a District Manager for Arbonne International and has focused her energy on community building and volunteerism through the Boulder Chamber, Business and Professional Women (BPW), BNI and the Boulder Asian Pacific Alliance (BAPA).  Now she is happy to be educating clients, organizing connection opportunities and advising corporations to improve teamwork and communication.

CONFIDENCE, AUTHENTICITY, INSPIRATION and EMPOWERMENT… these are the hallmarks of Nancy Chin-Wagner’s life and her brand.

Brent Hultman

Nancy will show you how to create highly effective business relationships.
She’s a master at building networks that “click”.

Brent Hultman, Strong People Systems

Nancy Stubbs

What I appreciate most about Nancy is her unabashed friendliness and enthusiasm to get to know each person she meets! Gracious, kind, funny, caring, generous,  knowledgeable are all words that describe my experience of Nancy.  Her passion and ability for creating connections between the people she meets is effortless.

Just by being around her at networking events, I’ve learned to be more at ease myself at these events, and she is always my initial go-to person if I want to meet someone in the Boulder business community.  She’s the best!

Nancy Stubbs, Relationship & Life Coach