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Who is Nancy Chin-Wagner?

Nancy Chin-Wagner, LLC is a training and consulting firm located in Boulder, Colorado. Founder and networking guru Nancy Chin-Wagner empowers people to network with confidence and move beyond communication to true connection, leveraging their personal contacts to attain personal and professional success. The firm also works with entrepreneurs, small and medium sized business professionals who are shy, introverted, and/or feeling awkward in networking situations. Her passion is helping the creative shy, and introverted person build their confidence and help them build their strengths to be successful networkers in business.

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  • Nancy Chin-Wagner brings a strong corporate background as well as a long history of community building and public service. She is a master networker with an extensive contact database, and is adept at capitalizing on her connections to achieve goals, collaborate and attain success.

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What My Wonderful Clients Say

  • What I appreciate most about Nancy is her unabashed friendliness and enthusiasm to get to know each person she meets! Gracious, kind, funny, caring, generous, knowledgeable are all words that describe my experience of Nancy. Her passion and ability for creating connections between the people she meets is effortless.

    Nancy Stubbs Relationship & Life Coach
  • Nancy is not only a natural connector, but an intentional one. She immediately sees opportunities and the, sometimes subtle, characteristics that people have in common. She brings an unmatched energy to building community and her actions are always authentic. To learn the power of true networking from Nancy is a great addition to our business community!

    Lisa McAlister With Good Cause, Inc.

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