Nancy Chin-Wagner brings a strong corporate background as well as a long history of community building and public service.  She is a master networker with an extensive contact database, and is adept at capitalizing on her connections to achieve goals, collaborate and attain success.

Through one-on-one coaching, PowerConnector group facilitation, workshops, seminars, consulting and custom events, she shares her extensive skill set to help other people build true connections and work together to reach common objectives.

Individual Coaching

Nancy Chin-Wagner mentors individuals one-on-one to increase confidence, teach networking skills and provide on-site training and advocacy at events.

Individual coaching is conducted in 3 month blocks.  Each coaching package includes a month of personal skill building in event selection and conversation, as well as professional assistance with presentation and pitches.  The second month is spent in practical application of connecting skills in the company of Nancy, and the final month prepares you to network on the your own by developing a calendar of events, goals and next steps to help you transfer from Nancy’s tutelage to independent connecting.

Why continue to avoid networking events?  Why suffer through the stress of non-productive, uncomfortable interactions?  With Nancy’s help you can master networking and use your time and energy wisely to attain specific goals.


Small businesses and large corporations alike are tapping into the power of connecting to increase job satisfaction, bond with customers and increase sales.

Today, more than ever, business is relationship driven.

As a natural relationship builder and networker, Nancy consults with local companies to improve internal communication and teamwork, and train staff to leverage connections outside their own walls.  Sales force training, education on networking, community connection and event specific consulting help Colorado organizations leverage contacts to accomplish their mission and objectives.

Lisa McAlister

Nancy is not only a natural connector, but an intentional one. She immediately sees opportunities and the, sometimes subtle, characteristics that people have in common. She brings an unmatched energy to building community and her actions are always authentic. To learn the power of true networking from Nancy is a great addition to our business community!
Lisa McAlister, With Good Cause, Inc.

Joanne Peterson

I have joked for many years that Nancy Chin-Wagner knows everyone in Boulder. A networker like I have never seen. I am not a shy person myself, yet I feel like a wallflower compared to her in a room full of people. If there is anyone a new person to the area or a business person should get to know, it’s Nancy Chin-Wagner!
Joanne Peterson, President, New World Office

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