• Nancy is not only a natural connector, but an intentional one. She immediately sees opportunities and the, sometimes subtle, characteristics that people have in common. She brings an unmatched energy to building community and her actions are always authentic. To learn the power of true networking from Nancy is a great addition to our business community!

    Lisa McAlister With Good Cause, Inc.
  • I have joked for many years that Nancy Chin-Wagner knows everyone in Boulder. No matter what event I have gone to with her, be it social or business related, she seems to know everyone. But it’s not just in Boulder, it’s everywhere! Whenever I have needed a connection, a referral, or a resource, Nancy can hook me up with someone. She is a power go-getter, a non-stop energy force, always looking to meet people then determining who that person should meet. A networker like I have never seen. I am not a shy person myself, yet I feel like a wallflower compared to her in a room full of people. If there is anyone a new person to the area or a business person should get to know, it’s Nancy Chin-Wagner!

    Joanne Peterson President, New World Office
  • Nancy will show you how to create highly effective business relationships. She’s a master at building networks that “click”.

    Brent Hultman Strong People Systems
  • What I appreciate most about Nancy is her unabashed friendliness and enthusiasm to get to know each person she meets! Gracious, kind, funny, caring, generous, knowledgeable are all words that describe my experience of Nancy. Her passion and ability for creating connections between the people she meets is effortless. Just by being around her at networking events, I’ve learned to be more at ease myself at these events, and she is always my initial go-to person if I want to meet someone in the Boulder business community. She’s the best!

    Nancy Stubbs Relationship & Life Coach
  • Nancy was one of the first people I met and immediately connected with at the Boulder Chamber of Commerce. She’s so warm and authentic, and always eager to help make connections. Nancy’s strengths are in her ability to really tune into people, get to know them, and constantly think of ways she can connect people in her network. She never forgets a name or a face, and is an invaluable resource because of her vast and deep relationships in our community. I like to call her the Networking Maven. Spend some time with her and you will immediately be rewarded!

    Erin Ratay Ratay Realty Group
  • In an effort to move across the country and build a new life, I was put in touch with networking extraordinaire, Nancy Chin-Wagner. Not having any idea where to start, Nancy not only put me in touch with people that offered career advice and help, she also made sure I was prepared for such a move. I find great comfort in knowing the genuine care Nancy has for the people she knows and is helping. She continues to keep in touch, offering her constant support and advice. I now live and work in New York City, and could not be happier. Though networking can be a tedious process, it is crucial. Nancy will not only help you to set goals and reach them, she will be there every step of the way!

    Ke’ala Warwick CU Grad
  • I worked closely with Nancy during the four years I worked as the Member Services Manager at the Boulder Chamber. Nancy is such a natural at networking because she has a genuine approach to getting to know people, facilitating connections, and making people feel at ease. She is also great at teaching others how to network with confidence and get results!

    Christine Day Tru Sound
  • I have worked with Nancy for the past year and I feel privileged to have her as a coach. As a result of her coaching, I take actions that maximize my results and I spend minimal amounts of time on side issues. In addition, she has helped me improve not only the quality of clients in my practice from networking, but also the quantity of money they provide me as well. She exhibits a unique sense of interest in my life and her insights and direction are always on target. I feel very supported and championed in the attainment of my goals. I am also blessed with Nancy's ongoing humor, wisdom, and graciousness which are a wonderful model for anyone who is struggling with networking!

    Dolly Muzer Life and Creativity Coach
  • I have had the pleasure of knowing and doing volunteer work with Nancy through the Boulder Chamber for the past 6 years. She is as dedicated a person to being a great networker as anyone I have ever met. Nancy is always looking to provide an introduction, include someone new in a group conversation, or sit down and brainstorm on how to improve your business through networking. I have also been a part of her online power connectors group that she hosts for the past 6 months. In this group I have learned many new tips for improving my own skills and have met so many great new people. I would highly recommend connecting with Nancy if you need help with anything networking related.

    Cameron Gory, GISF Enterprise Account Executive at T-Mobile
  • Nancy has a way with connecting people and teaching you how to get out there and network! She has an amazingly positive attitude and always has a smile on her face. If you're wanting to find different ways of networking or tend to be on the timid side of getting yourself out there to promote yourself then look no further than Nancy to help you on your journey!

    Noah J. Katz Photographer

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