It’s About Listening

Listening is not as easy as one thinks it is. Few people can listen well. It is one of the most important skills when you are networking. When you listen to the other person, you show an interest, and you are interested in what they have to say about their business. The person will start to be more open and share information with you. The start of a business relationship is trust, if it is the right connection. Your interest and listening to the other person will build trust through time.

Remember, you have two ears and one mouth. Listening is twice as important as talking. Believe me, I had to learn about this skill and work at it. Best thing is to listen and really hear what they are saying to you. What is their passion? Why do they do what they want to do? Maybe they “think” they love what they are doing and do not know how to go about it. This is where you hone in on your listening skills to ask the right questions. Bring them out, clarify what they are saying, and find out what holding them back, or why are they having writer’s block, etc.  Listen and peel those onions skin layers away. Really dig deep and listen to what they are saying! You will be doing a great service and you may learn something from the other person, you didn’t know!

Take action and work on Listening at your next networking event.

Happy Connections!

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